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Epic Rap Battles of Fiction 1




Pokemon franchise

Battling me is a nightmare by itself, you will be left terrified and suffering,
— Darkrai
Darkrai battled Slenderman in Epic Rap Battles of Fiction 1.

Information on the rapperEdit

Darkrai is a legendary Dark-Type from the fourth generation of the pokemon series. It is decribed as being the being that controls nightmares in pokemon. However when it does this it is not just for spite or malice, but rather as a defense mechanism. It is a very fast and powerful Pokemon and has the signature attack of Dark Void.


Verse 1:Edit

I've scarred Magikarp more threatening than your feeble mind

you will be locked into an eternal nightmare If you go against my kind.

You may kidnap and kill children, but I take them out of their own worlds.

I'll crush you like I would with any other diamond or any other pearls.

Battling me is a nightmare by itself, you will be left terrified and suffering,

Because you'll be put to sleep by my powers and you haven't a Lunar Wing.

I corrupted Dialga, stopped ships from setting sail and have saved an entire town

I could be level one and have more than enough power to be able to take you down.

Verse 2Edit

I am the true terror, your just a made up entity for silly little fanfiction.

Claiming you'll be anywhere near my skill is quite the humorous contradiction.

My legendary dark attacks will overpower you and leave you destroyed,

And enjoy your nightmares because I am firing my signature Dark Void!

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