Y'know, what? This series will also be named Trakked Rap Battles. Call it both, if you'd like.

Please look for the episodes on my profile in the "blogs" section.

Season 1 Edit

Episode one: Evil Otto vs. Uboa

Episode two: Mr. Bear/1999 vs. Little Bear and the Big Red Book

Episode three: Funnymouth vs Chat room 98

Episode four: The Observer vs. Firebrand

Episode five: vs. MMG

Episode six: I HATE YOU vs. MARIO

Episode seven: A mountainous battle

Episode eight: ComicPastas

Episode nine: Emotion battle

Episode ten: Game Shows gone wrong

Episode eleven: Sp00ky Scary Skeletons

Episode twelve: Evil game characters

Battles to consider Edit

Squidward's Suicide vs. Happy Appy

Ash's Coma vs Rugrats Theory

Slenderman Family Royale

FreePainReport.Com vs. Username 666

Scrapped Rap Battles Edit

Jeff the Killer vs. Slenderman: used way too much.

The Boss (Reimagined: The game) vs. Luigi.exe: Are these even creepypasta?

SCP Royale: Nope. didn't want to do that.

Boothworld Industries vs 333-333-3333: Not sure if 333-333-3333 is a pasta.

That's all for now, folks. Can't wait for the next season!

Feel free to guess which is which. -Trakked

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