Connor Ratonhnhakéton
Who the rapper is based upon


John Wilkes Boothe

Bitch, I'm from the colonies. You can't tame me!
— Connor Ratonhnhaké:ton

Connor Ratonhnhaké:ton battled John Wilkes Boothe in Connor vs. John Wilkes Boothe.

Information on the RapperEdit

Ratonhnhaké:ton (1756 - unknown), often known by the adopted name of Connor, was a Native American Assassin of the Kanien'kehá:ka during the time of the American Revolutionary War. He was an ancestor of Desmond Miles. Ratonhnhaké:ton was born to the Templar Haytham Kenway and Kaniehtí:io, a Native American woman of the Kanien'kehá:ka village in Kanatahséton. In 1760, while he was still a young child, he was assaulted by members of the Templar Order seeking the spirit sanctuary his people guarded, and then watched as his village burned down and his mother died. Growing up concerned by the outside world's impact on his people, Ratonhnhaké:ton joined the Assassin Order to prevent the Templars from returning. Finding the Templars had all but destroyed the Colonial Assassins, Ratonhnhaké:ton convinced Achilles Davenport to train him. Renamed Connor, he revitalized the Order by recruiting craftsmen to renovate the Davenport Homestead and the Assassin ship, the Aquila. Robert Faulkner subsequently trained him to captain the ship, while Connor recruited six more Assassins into the Order. In hunting the Templars, Connor aided the Sons of Liberty and protected George Washington – becoming a secret but important figure in the American Revolution – but grew disillusioned as he realized their struggle would not guarantee the same freedoms for his people. Connor was also torn by wanting to reconcile with his father, despite Achilles' warnings as to the futility of uniting the Assassin and Templar philosophies.


Verse 1Edit

Ratonhnhaké:ton here to battle a wannabe.

You killed one guy, that's nothing compared to me.

People take my kills seriously every day they play.

As for you, everyone thought your little kill was part of a play.

Verse 2Edit

Hardly someone in the game at all.

You see my relatives in all games, from now, until next fall.

What's your motive? No southern slavery?

I will say, that took some blind bravery.

Bitch, I'm from the colonies.

You can't tame me!