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Upon whom the rapper is based


Kyle J. Rap Battles


Spike the Dragon


Button's Adventures/My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

I'm not just a kid, I am, The Stache.
— Button Mash

Button Mash is a rapper who appeared in Kyle J. Rap Battles. Button is the main character in the pilot, Button's Adventures.


Button Mash is a video gamer who is 8 years old. He might get his own show called, "Button's Adentures" of which the pilot is down below. This pilot gave birth to a couple of memes. His love interest seems to be Sweetie Belle.


Kyle J. Rap BattlesEdit

Button Mash vs Spike. Played by Kyle J.


Button Mash vs SpikeEdit

Mom, allow me to kick this dragons butt,

Because if you give a dragon stuff, he will go nuts.

Kicking video game ass since 2013,

While in 2010 you were being judged by all teens.

Just because I am a pony, don't mean I can't kick ass,

And you should know that, seeing as the main 6 don't get jacked!

Boy, think again before going all "Blah Blah"!

I'm not just a kid, I am, The Stache.


Button's Adventures - Episode Pilot-104:31

Button's Adventures - Episode Pilot-1

Don't Mine at Night (Pony Music Video Parody) ANIMATIC03:06

Don't Mine at Night (Pony Music Video Parody) ANIMATIC

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