• Trakked

    Hey, people! Here's our eighth installment of the series, Superman: No More Heroes vs The Forgotten Spider-Man. Hope you guys enjoy! Here we go. Also, I will be doing a new format for the text.

                                                                  THE FORGOTTEN SPIDER-MAN!


                                                                       SUPERMAN: NO MORE HEROES!


    (Peter Parker in regular, Forgotten Spider-man in bold.)

    Hey there, True Believer! Would you like to know what I've learned?

    I've learned enough to leave a rotten Superman burnt!

    Now, if you excuse me…

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  • Trakked

    Welcome into our 2nd month, and our 7th battle! It is the "Best Friend" from the creepypasta story I Didn't Mean It vs Daniel, the psychopath in the story Teeth.JPG. Here goes nothing.

    Teeth.JPG in BOLD.

    "Best Friend" in Italics.




                                                                    I DIDN'T MEAN IT! 


    We took a wrong turn in the woods, where my friend met his demise,

    I've been very tortured with these secrets and lies,

    Get ready for the camping trip, This'll be your prize,

    This little boy obsessed with teeth…

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  • Trakked

    Happy new year! Here's our first rap battle of the year, the evil plumber, MARIO, vs the unknown antagonist, I HATE YOU. 

    I HATE YOU: Italics

    MARIO: Bold



                                                                           I HATE YOU!


    You think Koopa worked alone? You'll be send 50 miles under!

    You'll be broken asunder as your start to feel my thunder!

    Ending up like the other Marios, there's no other choice,

    To rejoice in your death as I pounce on you and leave you destroyed!

    This is the selfish way …

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  • Trakked

    Here's our first Rap Cypher! It's the nefarious Bill Cipher vs. the evil Black Hat.  Here we begin our story of villains travelling through galaxies and time to seek opponents.

    Bill in Bold

    Black Hat in Italics

    • Black Hat would be sitting down in his chair as he'd hear laughing.*


    No sir! I haven't even touched it since I built it!

    What was that devilish noise then, Flug?

    I have no idea!

    • A portal would open up and Bill Cipher would appear.*

                                                                     BILL CIPHER!


                                                                      BLACK HAT! 


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  • Trakked

    I'm guessing this is an early christmas special. Whatever. Anyways, this is the famous Mereana Mordegard Glesgorv vs. the kinda popular Let's-a go! Italics

    MMG: Bold


                                                     MEREANA MORDEGARD GLESGORV!


                                                 NORMAL PORN FOR NORMAL PEOPLE.COM!


    I'm about to light this track up with everything I got!

    I got the skills to burn a red man down, making this mereana rot!

    My rhymes are gonna destroy you: your attacks are just useless!

    You see, you'll be tonguetied! Retaliating …

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  • Trakked

    Hi. This is Trakked. The only reason I am writing this battle is because i'm bored. It will be many steam games against eachother. All verses were written by me.

    Most verses are in regular text cuz i was lazy.

                                                                Gordon Freeman! 


                                                              The Lone Wanderer!


    I gathered up your data and compiled it into rap,

    I attack this cheap hack with no hope of going back!

    Step up to me? I'll hit you with a crowbar,

    Go against me? You won't go far, I am a lyrical rock star!

    What inspired you to face me is a tempora…

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  • Trakked

    Ah, the fourth battle, the first royale of the series! Two of slendy's proxies against eachother, what paradise. All verses are written by me. Here we go.

    Firebrand: Underlined

    Observer: This font



                                                            THE OBSERVE-


    Let's start this battle! Observer's comin' in hot!

    You're about to be branded, Fire, I am a juggernaut!

    I'm the right hand man of slenderman, you cannot compare to me!

    Let me think of one word to describe you: homosexuality!

    You say that your the rogue god, or was that just hy…

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  • Trakked

    Here's the third installment of our little series called "Creepypasta Rap Battles." It will be a battle against two chatrooms: Funnymouth and Chat Room 98. I wrote both verses. Anyways, here goes!

    Funnnymouth: Bold 

    Chatroom 98: 'Italics

                                                                      CHATROOM 98!









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  • Trakked

    Finally, my second installment of the series is here. It's basically the halloween battle of the season. Anyways, here goes.  Btw, i wrote both verses.

    1999/Mr Bear: Bold.

    Little Bear: Italics

                                                                              1999/MR BEAR!



                                                                 LITTLE BEAR AND THE BIG RED BOOK!


    YOU'RE DEAD! Just like my animators dead mother!

    Better run away from my flows, or you'll be smothered!

    This itty-bitty idiot should know not to mess with the best!

    Once you try and face this bear, you wi…

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  • Trakked

    Alright. Here's the first installation of my series. Hope you enjoy! Credit to BobbyIsAwesome for writing Evil Otto's verses.

    Evil otto: Italics

    Uboa: Bold

                                                                          EVIL OTTO!




    What am I doing? Facing the true form of a little girl?

    I am the truest evil in the history of the entire world!

    You're just a white blobby flying mask with black hair, eyes and mouth!

    I can make kids go Berserk. That's what I'm all about!

    Your child form looks like an E…

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  • Trakked

    Alrighty! I'm Trakked with your new rap battle series. If you don't like it, you're getting Trakked! Here's our previews of the first 5 combatants

    Combatant one: Floating head

    Combatant two: Bear

    Combatant three: Hacker

    Combatant four: Stuttering killer

    Combatant five: The most famous one out there.

    Feel free to guess which ones they are.

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  • Jabbarwock

    A kind-of sort-of Christmas special. Jack Skellington from the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas against Dr. Sidney Zitbag from Dr. Zitbag's Transylvania Pet Shop.


    Ho ho ho, here I come to give you your Christmas present,

    It doesn't come wrapped and don't think it'll be pleasant,

    It's a bunch of raw disses that'll roast you like a pheasant,

    Because I'm the Pumpkin King and you're a lowly peasant,

    You say your pets are the best, well, they're horrible,

    There's no way you'll find customers who are that gullible,

    You might as well try to sell them the Brooklyn Bridge,

    You're a miserable bugger, even more so than the Grinch,

    I don't want a zombie bunny or jokes that aren't funny,

    Or an undead Jared Leto who's obsessed with money,

    Deadbeat should lo…

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  • Jabbarwock

    Mr. Jolly from BBC pre-school show Playdays, Mr. Jolly from BBC non-pre-school show Psychoville (spoilers for that show included here), Mr. Jolly from Disney cartoon Teacher's Pet and Mr. Jolly from Comic Strip movie Mr. Jolly Lives Next Door (spoilers for that movie too) against each other.


    You three won't be jolly when you listen to my sound,

    It'll send your heads spinning around and around,

    I was beloved by children, I gave them laughter and fun,

    You all don't stand a chance, you'll all get your ticket punched,

    For I may be for pre-schoolers, but don't think I'll be wussy,

    When dealing with two killers and a literal pussy,

    You lot don't deserve your names, I mean look at this guy (points at Psychoville Mr Jolly),

    He looks like Ned Flanders cosplay…

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  • Jabbarwock

    Jay Sherman from The Critic against the title character of Bojack Horseman.


    Tonight on Coming Attractions, here's a film masterpiece:

    'How The Critic Jay Sherman Led The Horse to his Defeat',

    I'm as strong as Shwarzenegger, speak as firmly as Earl Jones,

    So when I'm on the chair and the mic, Twilight Sparkle here is boned,

    Hey, buy my book, it's a better read than Diane's,

    Or stay tuned to this station, and see how erudite I am,

    Your VA was better off voicing the Lego Batman,

    And at least Bruce Wayne has an attractive Catwoman,

    You stink like a sewer, because your career's in the gutter,

    Horsin' Around? Ugh, I'd prefer Mr. Peanut Butter,

    (I could use some peanut butter right now...)

    No-one cares about you or Jesse Pinkman's hijinx,

    My final verdict …

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  • Jabbarwock

    Kick-Ass vs. D-Fens

    September 21, 2016 by Jabbarwock

    Kick-Ass aka David Lizewski from the movie and comic Kick-Ass against D-Fens aka Bill Foster from the movie Falling Down.


    I'm a real superhero, so I'll bring a world of hurt,

    And protect this city from this evil clone of Dilbert,

    I'll stop you in your tracks, so I can defeat you, killer,

    If your life were a comic, it'd be written by Frank Miller,

    I rap as fast as a drive-by, my rhymes are as sharp as a knife,

    Nobody likes you, not even your daughter and wife,

    She filed a restraining order, and that's because she has sense,

    A Joel Schumacher film? I wouldn't buy that for fifty cents!

    If I deliver death, it's to those who are deserving,

    To people like you, whose rants are unnerving,

    I rock the guns better than you, so you'll be kicking the bucket,


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  • Jabbarwock

    Rocko vs. Johnny Rocco

    September 21, 2016 by Jabbarwock

    Rocko, the wallaby from Rocko's Modern Life against Johnny Rocco, Edward G Robinson's character from Key Largo.


    I'm coming in like a storm, and your boat is going down,

    This grubby little chump against the top emcee of O-Town?

    You don't have a chance and I don't care you're packing heat,

    Call me Choking Chicken, because you're about to be dead meat!

    What is it you want? You want more, you say?

    I bet that's the case when you go to a buffet!

    You only kill me with boredom, when I watch your film and play,

    My show may have ended, but guess what? I'm here to stay!

    You're acting like you're tough, but you're just a big wet cat,

    There'll be one less Johnny Rocco, and I'll certainly see to that!

    My rhymes will blow you over, and will end your little caper…

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  • Teenkar.

    Announcer: Video game rap battles of this century!!!





    Hundreds of people must have their minds blown when they listen to two minutes of a saxophone. You repeat the same verse and add nothing new, its like eating doritos and drinking mountain dew!

    I don't know why so many are impressed when you're doing pelvic thrusts into an imaginary woman's ass! But hey! It's obvious you're into that kind of stuff! Thrust somemore you'll eject more belly button fluff!

    I'm too good; my raps will leave you mesmorized! Keep thrusting like that, I'll have you circumsised! People often compare us, but the similarities are far; I'm a music machine, you're like a Barbie's guitar!

    You're only known for some dude's str…

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  • Jabbarwock

    The greatest rabbits to ever feature in a 2016 movie release battle at last: Judy Hopps from Zootopia/tropolis against the creepy bunny from The Witch


    JUDY: Freeze, I'm afraid you're under arrest,

    For having the audacity to battle the best,

    Heroine that's ever headlined a Disney movie,

    You better believe it, Elsa's got nothing on me,

    Know what I did? I taught kids, why not to be a racist,

    What good have you ever done, you're endorsed by satanists?

    I couldn't watch your movie, I'd rather stare at a wall,

    When the witches came on, I was waiting for the house to fall,

    The family were harrowing, they were disgusting and hateful,

    The whole thing was a bad dream, couldn't you have made it more tasteful?

    You popped up, tried to be creepy, what a poor m…

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  • Jabbarwock

    Christian comic creator Jack Chick vs. Father Ted from the show of the same name.  


    JACK CHICK: This will be a battle

    Of Biblical proportions,

    But you're as close to God,

    As gays or abortions,

    My comics save souls,

    You've not even saved one,

    You live with an old drunk,

    Whose mind is long gone,

    Who listens to your word?

    Your morality is bent!

    You've lived a life of sin,

    You even failed at Lent!

    Your show is about religion,

    But offers no solutions,

    I believe in you

    Like I believe in evolution!

    FATHER TED: Now hold on there, Mr. Chick,

    But I'm about to bring the pain,

    I've read your comics, and boy,

    You make Father Dougal look sane

    If you're gay or a rock star,

    You're possessed by demons?

    Morals told by creepy kids,

    With Cheshire smiles beaming?

    Your faceless m…

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  • Jabbarwock

    Miles Upshur from Outlast vs. Daniel from Amnesia: The Dark Descent (Spoilers for both games and Cabin in the Woods follow)


    MILES: You thought Brennenburg was scary?

    Well, I'm gonna leave ya cryin',

    I'll make you go insane,

    They'll commit you to the asylum,

    I've met and faced the Walrider

    In a lab beneath the Earth,

    The worst you've ever faced

    Is a flying nude Smurf,

    Going up against me,

    Is a choice you'll regret,

    Oh, you have amnesia,

    Well, here's something you won't forget,

    Me being the victor,

    Of that you can be sure,

    When I kick your ass,

    A million miles upshore!

    DANIEL: You think you can beat me,

    I think you're unfit,

    My game had a proper ending,

    No Cabin in the Woods bullshit,

    You're a little pussy,

    Stumbling about a poor man's Arkham,

    Cowering from the badd…

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  • Jabbarwock

    Lassie vs Brandy from Brandy and Mr. Whiskers


    LASSIE: Lassie's in the house,

    And she's bounding in quick,

    Here to save the day,

    Because this doggy makes me sick.

    Ask my homeboy Timmy,

    Who ain't down no well,

    You don't belong in Florida,

    You should fall down to hell.

    I rescue my family,

    When I hear them scream and holler,

    All you ever did was

    Make Mickey Mouse another dollar!

    Everyone's hearts melt

    When they hear me and my bark (Oh!),

    They just sigh at your

    Pussified take on Donnie Darko.

    You're rich and spoiled,

    And you always act like a grump,

    You're xenophobic too,

    You're a canine Donald Trump!

    Everybody loves me,

    But nobody loves you,

    While you're sleeping in a bra,

    I'm fucking Scooby Doo!

    I'm the top dog,

    The best in everybody's mind,

    In everything I've b…

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  • Jabbarwock

    I haven't been here for like two years, so here's a rap battle between two British figures best known for closing pits in the 1980's: Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and Berk from The Trap Door.


    THATCHER: Here comes the Iron Lady that the British people chose,

    And the Trap Door and your gob are two more pits that should close, 

    Why do you always play in that gunge, it can't be healthy, 

    You're a fat twat with a pea-brain, no wonder you aren't wealthy, 

    I served three terms in office, what great things have you done? 

    Aside from screwing up and being nagged by a bone? 

    I played an Amnesia mod better than your shitty show, 

    I think I hear your master calling, I think you better go.  

    BERK: Oh, Margaret Thatcher is so shitty, 

    She's the girl hated …

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  • UltraXmaster

    Well, who would you like to see? put in comments below!

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  • BobbyIsAwesome

    Hey, IT'S ME, Bobby here with another rap battle. FNaF antagonist Freddy Fazbear goes straight against Bezerk antagonist Evil Otto. Anyways, enough yabbering. Let's battle!

    Evil Otto denoted by this color

    Freddy Fazbear denoted by this color

    Chica denoted by this color

    Bonnie denoted by this color

    Foxy denoted by this color

    Suicide Mouse denoted by this color






    What do we have here? Another Eyeless Jack vs Laughing Jack?

    You'll be saying crack is wack because you won't be coming back!

    I gave children heart attacks, while you jumpscared some players!

    If you get haunted, you'll be hit by Buffy the Vampire Slayer!

    I heard you're there'll be no FNAF 5, because the story is complete!

    SPIN-OFF? You have to…

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  • BobbyIsAwesome

    MUHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA! I'm back! Anyways, It's me, Bobby! In this fight, the mystery solver from Gravity Falls, Dipper Pines, and his older twin sister, Mabel, rap together against two kids that live in South Park, Kyle Broflovski and his best friend, Stan Marsh, to see who's the better cartoon duo.


    Felix "CeKeFe" Tom as Kyle Broflovski

    Nathan "NatureNathan" Provost as Stan Marsh

    Matthew "SuperThingsOnCups" Thomas as Dipper Pines

    Zack "RandomBronyWhovian" Maloney as Mabel Pines

    Kevin Krust as the Announcer

    Editing by Felix "CeKeFe" Tom

    Subtitles by David "DHFilms" Hrusovsky

    Beat - South Park The Stick of Truth: Giggling Donkey Inn Theme Remix





    Kyle and Stan:

    My name is Kyle Broflovski and my name is Stanley Marsh!


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  • S0UND3FX69

    I was sent here to kill you Bellic,

    so now I am going to be crushing you with this Relic.

    Out of us two I am the real contract killer,

    now sit your ass down & simply take this suicide pill!

    Oh hell no I am only going to be knifing your ass,

    If I had this shit I would beat you with some brass.

    Who even said I was a contract killer?

    The truth is that I am a hired gun

    & just with this verse I think that I have already won!

    You are so fucking wrong, this shit has just begun,

    I will be so damn stealthy so just begone.

    Who even has time to wait for your Slavic ass?

    Just go on & it's nobody except an Ethiopian Ass!

    Only pussies use a silenced pistol,

    real men just give them to the fucking postal.

    You are just an Anon in a suit with fucking aspergers,


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  • S0UND3FX69

    Ash Ketchum: By the end of this battle I will be the very best, 

    like if you & Ryuga were actually self-proclaimed beasts.

    To me both you & Zyro are at the bottom of the food chain,

    when I literally strive to the top as this battle is about to go bang!

    Gingka Hagane: You cannot possibly be the "very best" when you can't even get close to catching 100 Pokémon,

    why even bother, it is not even Pokémangay.

    I have hot ass baes made of pure Shogun Steel that will cause persecutions,

    while I turn you into shreds with my blades of fury causing major concussions!

    Ash Ketchum: Atleast if I were to have Beyblades I would have more than you & your friends.

    Why want them anyways?

    They like your nose probably get bent!

    You do not even have the skill to be the ulti…

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  • ZaloFTW

    Slender Man vs Mabel Pines is the third ERBOFactory. It features supposed nightmare Slenderman vs Dipper's sister Mabel. It is no longer avalible to the public.

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  • ZaloFTW

    Carel Johnnyson vs The Asshole That Wants To Be Hobo For No Reason is the fifth ERBOFactory. It features the GTA: San Andreas Protagonist Carel Johnnyson (formely Carl Johnson) vs The Asshole That Wants To Be Hobo (definition) For No Reason.

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  • ZaloFTW

    QQPass vs ZaloFTW

    May 23, 2015 by ZaloFTW

    QQPass vs ZaloFTW is the fourth ERBOFactory. It features rapper QQPass vs gamer ZaloFTW.

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  • ZaloFTW

    The Borto vs A Kid

    May 23, 2015 by ZaloFTW

    The Borto vs A Kid is the first Epic Rap Battle Of Factory. It features QQ's imaginary creepypasta vs a kid.

    QQPass as all

    Written by QQPass

    Edited by QQPass

    the borto:

    i’m minimalist, i’m gonna show youtube how i am,

    i am a creepypasta, top that you stupid rap pad.

    your head falls if there is lag

    dude im the best rap ever, suck my billy the kid.





    i’m crazy i’m the winner


    yo my name is yolo yo

    i’m  swag’s friend yo

    i’m gonna kick your ass yo

    i’m clever, i’m the winner

    my suck ass but crap

    i just take a dirty nap.

    s3 mini:

    yo its s3 mini qq loves me

    just shit because im done.

    my rap suck ass but


    just kill me and everything

    will be ok. bye.

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  • ZaloFTW

    Premiere Pro vs FCPX is the first ERBoZaloFTW (created by QQPass). The battle is currently in development.

    Release Dates:

    Soundcloud - 30 May

    Youtube - 10 June

    ??? as Final Cut

    QQPass as Premiere

    Edited by QQPass (in Premiere ^-^)

    Written by QQPass

    Wow, I’m just for Mac, so what? ? ?

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  • BobbyIsAwesome

    YEAHYUUUUUUUUUUUUUH! It's  Bobby here, and I'm back with another battle. The director of the Transformers film series, Michael Bay, battles against Pac-World's famous director, Danny Vaincori, to see who's the better director! Thanks to GabriellolXP for the Michael Bay title card.

    Voice of Danny Vaincori - Zach Sherwin

    Michael Bay - Nice Peter

    Danny Vaincori animation - Animeme

    Beat: Time to Cook by Tristan on the Track




    It's time for me to mess with this Hannibal Lecter.

    I'm Danny Vaincori, Pac-World's famous director.

    You made a Transformers film series? I bet it's gonna suck ass

    I'll put your films in a bowl and serve them as a gas!

    I know that ou give the people what they love,

    But besides that, you're too sho…

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  • BobbyIsAwesome

    Gumby vs Glover

    November 20, 2014 by BobbyIsAwesome

    Gumby battles against Glover. Note that this is a parody of ERBP's Peter Griffin vs Homer Simpson.

    Voice of Gumby - Catie Wayne

    Voice of Glover - Cameron Boyce

    Animation - Animeme






    This Gumboy's about to tear apart this flabby marshmallow

    You're such a coward, your artist even draws you yellow!

    I'm clearly the better game guy! This isn't even fair

    My popularity is bigger than your creator's white hair!

    I'm Adult Swimming in glory! My fame can reach no higher height!

    You're lone with your creator, I'm drinkin' beer with Jesus Christ!

    Quit Quahogging the spotlight and go back to your yellow slut

    You better Hit & run away, because I'm bagging you to dust

    You're just a ball addicted bum of overly portl…

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  • Alanomaly

    Deadpool vs Deathstroke

    September 12, 2014 by Alanomaly

    Deadpool vs Deathstroke is the first installment of Alanomaly Rap Battles. It features Marvel's mercenary, Deadpool, battling DC's antagonist, Deathstroke.

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  • MrAwesome300

    Woah, if you got here, then you're probably liek "wtf is mra back". Well, hell naw, ya dingus, this is actually for another site I'm maintaining the ol' silhouette game on, and I made this just in case you wanted to guess. No scores will be tallied like the last game, noting this is basically just a sandbox full of silhouettes for another site, so....yeah. Guess away, fandals.

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  • Alanomaly

    History vs Assassin's Creed

    September 1, 2014 by Alanomaly

    History vs Assassin's Creed is the fourty-third battle in ERBOR. On the history side, it features John Wilkes Booth, Nathuram Godse, Lee Harvey Oswald, and Marcus Junius Brutus. On the Assassin's Creed side, it features Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad, Ezio Auditore, Edward Kenway, and Connor Kenway.

    • George Watsky as John Wilkes Booth
    • Dante Cimadamore as Nathuram Godse
    • EpicLLOYD as Lee Harvey Oswald
    • NicePeter as Marcus Junius Brutus
    • PewDiePie as Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad
    • MysteryGuitarMan as Ezio Auditore
    • Peter Hollens as Edward Kenway
    • Alanomaly as Connor Kenway
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  • Alanomaly

    YouTubers vs Creepypastas features four YouTubers, Alanomaly, UNPROFESSIONALPlayer, Noah Drye, and Markiplier, battling their Creepypasta dopplegangers, Richardnomaly, PROFESSIONALPlayer, Yesah Wette, and Darkiplier.

    • Alanomaly
    • Noah Drye
    • Markiplier
    • Richardnomaly
    • Yesah Wette
    • Darkiplier
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  • Iamthelegion


    Taking on this Orange twit is Miles Tails Prower

    When I’m through with you, Sasuke will cower

    From the outcome of you facing the power

    Taking on Mr Anime is like Orochimaru vs Bowser

    I use my tails to fly

    You use them to get high

    It’s a little blonde wannabe

    Versus the apex of foxes that be


    Taking on me? I got nine tails, you got five

    At the end, this boss will leave alive

    I’m the fox of nine tails, time to show you your place

    I was my father’s pride, you’re a blacksmith disgrace

    In sonic black knight with a cannon hah

    Let’s see you armor face my rising gan

    Play you, compare this to darts matey,

    In the end the announcer says “Naruto 180”


    Beat you faster than sonic vs Mario

    Play ME like darts? There we go

    Stomp you hard, break you like I’m…

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  • Iamthelegion

    Super Smash Bros vs JLA:

    JLA verse 1: Batman:

    I am the bat, beating on an elf

    I could take this team, all by myself

    I AM the Link to your Doom

    Beat you all and kick you out of the room


    I’m the Man of Tomorrow

    The end of this battle will bring you sorrow

    Smash a pink balloon

    Leave Kirby looking like a buffoon


    Rap fast, smash a plumber

    Taking on us, you couldn’t be dumber

    Take your girl, she’s a real peach

    Rapping up a war zone, using Turtle Beach ™

    Wonder Woman:

    Take this robo chick to Themiscyra

    Her doom couldn’t be nearer

    Need no lasso of truth to see it

    You have sucked since you were 8-bit

    Green Lantern:

    It’s up to me take on this wannabe Raccoon Rocket

    Think Slippy and Falco can help you? Then stop it

    Say you’re cool cause you have a game saga …

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  • Alanomaly

    Justice League vs The Avengers is the fourty-third battle in ERBOR. It features three heroes from Justice League (Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman) and three from the Avengers (Iron Man, Captain America, and Black Widow.)

    • EpicLLOYD as Superman
    • NicePeter as Batman
    • Angela Trimbur as Wonder Woman
    • Dante Cimadamore as Iron Man
    • Alanomaly as Captain America
    • Kimmy Gatewood as Black Widow
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  • Alanomaly

    Drive up in my Ford, leave a bullet in your head!

    (Booth assassinated Abraham Lincoln in Ford's Theatre, and Ford is also the name of a vehicle. Booth had shot Lincoln by shooting him in the head.)

    I don't play games but I still leave you dead!

    (Connor comes from Assassin's Creed, which is a video game series, where a lot of killing is involved. Booth states that, despite not playing games, he will still leave Connor dead.)

    Haytham, Edward, you're the runt of the litter,

    (Haytham is Connor's father, and Edward is his gran'dfather, leaving COnnor to be the youngest. Usually, the runt of the litter is the smallest, weakest, and least likely to survive, which Booth is saying that's what Connor is.)

    Runnin through the woods, killin poor little critte…

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  • Alanomaly

    Connor Kenway vs. John Wilkes Booth is a rewritten version of Connor vs. John Wilkes Booth.

    • Alanomaly as Connor Kenway
    • George Watsky as John Wilkes Booth
    • NicePeter as Abraham Lincoln (cameo) and George Washington (cameo)
    • ??? as Haytham Kenway
    • ??? as Edward Kenway

    Drive up in my Ford, leave a bullet in your head.

    I don't play games, but I still leave you dead.

    Haytham, Edward, you're the runt of the litter,

    Runnin through the woods, killin poor little critters.

    You're busy helping Washington, I'm killing Abe Lincoln.

    You stab everybody for no apparent reason.

    Work for a slave, man, you're worth nothing.

    Battle me? Your hood can't hide your bluffing.

    I drop rhymes like they jumped from a church.

    Just a little hay, and I still ain't hurt.

    My hands may be emp…

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  • Alanomaly

    GLaDOS vs. Claptrap

    June 8, 2014 by Alanomaly

    GLaDOS vs. Claptrap is the fourty-second battle in ERBOR. It features Portal A.I., GLaDOS, battling Borderlands robot, Claptrap.

    • Alexis as GLaDOS (voice)
    • Alanomaly as Claptrap (voice)
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  • Alanomaly

    Walter White vs. Elena Sánchez is the fourty-fourth battle in ERBOR. It features Breaking Bad protagonist, Walter White, battling cartel leader, Elena Sánchez, from the movie Savages, battling to see who is the more powerful Drug Lord.

    • Alanomaly as Walter White
    • Alexis as Elena Sánchez
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  • Teenkar.

    Announcer: Video game rap battles of this century!!!





    Hello slendy... Where on earth did you come from? Nice suit. You taking someone the prom? What will you do with 8 pages? Turn it to a book? Where will you sell it? I'll be sure to take a look.

    Your body is slender? Well so is your dick. I have my diamond sword, and cut it bit by bit. Like the pussy you are, always following behind; I'm sure there are better things than 8 pages to find.

    Your eyes are white. Is it full of cum? Give me back my pages and I'll do no harm. You were removed by Notch, and you threw a huge fit. Stick a plunger in your mouth, because you're so full of shit.

    You say I hide behind players, you are too scared to even appea…

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  • Teenkar.

    The Pyro vs. PEKKA

    May 26, 2014 by Teenkar.

    Announcer: Ohhh..... video game rap battles of this century!!!

            The Pyro!!!


            The PEEEEEKKAAAAAAA!!!


    Hello big guy. Caught you swinging your sword. You were the last samurai whose name I forgot. What's with you? What are you? You're so fucked up even heavy is afraid of you.

    You and your buddies can go kill yourselves. Who plays clash of clans anyway? We may be a good seven years old but TF2 is here to stay.

    Nobody plays our game? What a lie. Chiefpat, Landon and BJCanDive! I'm the best, the greatest troop in the game. Your graphics are ugly and your animation is lame.

    You are a homosexual, heterosexual and a metro sexual hipster. Your flower purse; was it a present to your sister? You wi…

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  • Teenkar.

    Announcer: Video game rap battles of this century!!!!

            Trevor Phillips!!!


            Captain Ed Kenway!!!


    (Trevor cracks his neck)

    This is the tale of a scurvy ridden fool who got doused by trevor phillips inside a little swimming pool. I'll pop a cap in this captain, and rape your hot wife. Oh she's dead? She got raped by my knife.

    Your flintlock pistols do your rapping for you. You were born in a slum? Boo fucking hoo. You are not an assassin, you are a huge disgrace. Are you that pussy you don't even want to show your face?

    I wasn't originally an assassin, but they let me be anyway. I will land on you and crush you like you are a fucking bale of hay. Piece of shit! You are mentally demented. Take on a tank…

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  • Teenkar.

    Announcer: Video game rap battles of this century!!!!!!!!!!

                            KYR Sp33dy!




    What's up Vanoss? GTA too hard for you? Your gang is gay and you are too. I mean, it is not too hard to win a rap when your sidekick's a screaming psychopath.

    Just look at my team, we are solid like rock. Solid like those grade A's you got. Nerd. I shoot you down with my SMG. Black Ops 2? You can wait for half life 3.

    You and your crew can go suck my dick because I can't suck yours... If you know what I mean. I will stretch you more than your video time, just like your noodles and buns. You'll see chuck norris beats bruce lee with his own bloo…

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  • Teenkar.

    Announcer: Minecraft rap battles of this century!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



                            Dan, TDM!!!!!!!!!!!



    It is time for the battle of the brits. I'm the number one feline you can't get rid. I'm so joyful, so inspired, so hyped up, you are married to a girl? I don't give a fuck!

    I have a squid for a friend, he's not even Asian! Your bud is a sad doctor with no qualification. You do nothing but mods, I'm already bored. I'm out! Someone replace me before I get floored.


    You got no one to replace ya, so I'll just start rapping now. You are more famous than me! Wait.. how? Your stupid accent-ish voice is starting to annoy me. I hav…

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